Microbiology is about looking for potential pathogenic microbes in humans. This includes bacteria, parasites and fungi. Our Clinical Microbiology Laboratory provides a wide range of services including sexual health screening, enteric pathogens, to multiple resistant organisms. We are also the continental reference centre for Mycology, Anaerobes, and molecular typing of Mycobacteria.

The Microbiology Department Encompasses

Bacteriology Laboratory The Bacteriology laboratory works on a 24/ 7 basis and offers a comprehensive range of services including specialist tuberculosis and sexual health testing, anaerobic and aerobic microbial testing and automated testing for blood borne infections like blood stream infections. Also included in this area are specialised parasitology and mycology laboratories.

Virology/Serology The Virology/Serology section is one of the leading clinical virology diagnostic services in sub-Saharan Africa, the primary focus being rapid virus diagnosis. A wide range of diagnostic assays are provided for internal, external and international clients and new tests are continually being introduced through the section’s research and development activities.

Virology/Serology The Virology/Serology section performs routine and reference specialist testing for a wide range of virus and bacteria utilising molecular techniques such as PCR and viral load testing together with automated and manual serological techniques for antigen and antibody detection.

Protein Chemistry Protein Chemistry conducts identification of proteins for enhancing diagnosis and monitoring disease activity, including neurological disorders, nutritional status and levels of immunoglobins.

Immunology The Immunology section is the only lab of its type in the region. Immunology provides testing for autoimmune diseases, allergies and immune deficiencies.

Molecular Pathology Molecular Pathology is where DNA testing is performed and evaluated. We can test for a myriad of genetic diseases including cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular dystrophy and haemochromotosis.

Specialist Biochemistry Specialist Biochemistry offers a wide range of testing including paediatric testing, trace metals testing and lipid groups. It is an area which monitors the body for reaction to various external toxins. This includes nutritional assessments of patients, occupational screening for trace metal exposure, and monitoring cancer treatment and prognosis, through tumour markers.

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