The biorepositories program provides pre-analytic laboratory services, maintains several biospecimen collections, including the SsahiPath Biobank, and facilitates research by providing access to laboratory resources, collections and expertise in biobanking.

State-of-the-art services for the collection, processing, storage, distribution and management of all types of biospecimens
Histology-related services include immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray construction, digital imaging and laser capture microdissection
A collection of samples and information from participants in the sub-Saharan region regardless of health history
Increasing its research efforts in remote areas


As one of the few human biospecimen collection unit in the sub-Saharan region, SsahiPath Biobank collects a wide range of biospecimen types including blood and blood derivatives, and health information donated by SsahiPath patients. SsahiPath Biobank is not focused on any particular disease. Rather, the Biobank collects samples and health information from patients and other volunteers regardless of health history. Once a participant becomes a part of the Biobank, he or she becomes a part of ongoing health research.

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