The Anatomical Pathology Department is a major referral laboratory comprising of several disciplines. These include Cytology, Histology and Electron Microscopy. We work with other external hospitals from around many African nations. This means we report on a broad range of specimens and to service this diversity we have an experienced team with specialist knowledge. We are fortunate to have a large number of Consultant Pathologists with considerable experience. We also have a very proficient Scientific and Technical staff all working together to provide a quality service.


Where the processing of body tissues is performed then reviewed and diagnosed by a number of specialist pathologists and pathologists' assistants. Urgent samples can be reviewed in a matter of minutes with results being reported to the operating rooms where surgeons can use the information to refine the surgery.
The Histology Department provides routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain and also a large variety of special stains. We also offer the more specialized techniques of:

  • Direct Immunofluorescence
  • Muscle Histochemistry
  • Frozen Sections
  • Immunohistochemistry (more than 160 diagnostic antibodies are available)

A 24 hour on-call service is available.


Our Immunohistochemistry section offers over 160 primary antibodies, ranging from hormone receptor localization to detection of the more specialized proteins in tumor differentiation. The antibodies we use are produced by well-known and proven manufacturers such as Dako, Cell Margue and Novacastra, and to compliment this quality we are fully automated with 3 Ventana Benchmark Ultra machines. We can also offer Direct Immunofluorescence for fresh tissues such as skin or renal biopsies.


The Cytology Department provides a quality service, processing both non-gynecological and gynecological specimens. These are prepared, stained and microscopically examined by our experienced and well-qualified staff.


We process a variety of specimens, these include:

  • Effusions
  • Urines
  • Respiratory
  • Fine needle aspirates (FNA) from many sources (Lymph nodes, Breast, Thyroid, Lung, Liver, and more)

Our pathologists perform FNAs and also attend FNA clinics. They provide histology and cytology correlation, training for registrars and attend multidisciplinary meetings.

Thinprep Cervical Smears

As a hospital based laboratory our workload primarily involves referral, high-risk and follow-up cases, which increases the rate of abnormalities. These cases are screened by two scientists and reported by a pathologist if abnormal. We use ThinPrep liquid based technology for analysis of gynecological specimens.

Scientists are involved in teaching university students both on placement in the lab and at local university.

Reporting System for Cervical Cytology:

  • Precise and standardized terminology
  • Significant reduction in codes
  • Removal of "satisfactory but limited" category
  • New layout with headings: (Adequacy -satisfactory or unsatisfactory- , General -negative or abnormal- , Interpretation -infection; reactive; abnormality- , Recommendation -repeat or referral-)

Electron Microscopy

The electron microscopy (EM) laboratory processes tissue for ultrastructural examination by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), and is based at the at the Central Processing Building. The microscope used is a Tecnai(TM) G2 Spirit TWIN Transmission Electron Microscope which houses a Morada camera from Olympus-Soft Imaging Systems, capturing images using iTEM software from Olympus.
We routinely perform TEM on tissues such as native renal and muscle biopsies as well as tumor material. We can also provide images of non-histological tissue as required. The images we produce are supplied for your convenience on CD-ROM together with, if required, a written description of observations from one of our scientists. If a written diagnostic report is required then this must be discussed with one of our Pathologists in the first instance before any samples are sent.
To make use of this service please contact either the department directly so we can arrange a supply of fixative and delivery instructions, or visit the LabPLUS Test Guide for more details

Flow Cytometry

With an exponential growth in the area of personalized medicine and in particular immuno-oncology, SsahiPath shapes the market landscape with the largest global footprint for flow cytometry services, innovative technology that provides high quality data with minimal variability, and continuous improvement efficiency initiatives to meet customers’ individual study needs.
SsahiPath's patient have access to a global central laboratory, including a translational science assay development laboratory, that is equipped with industry leading development expertise and value-added offerings that bring their drugs to market faster.
Our experienced assay development scientists, scientific advisors, immunologists, geneticists, pathologists, and bioinformaticists in our global central laboratories each play a key role in providing continued engagement with sponsors and providing custom solutions that fit our customers’ needs. We employ flow cytometry technologies, including the BD FACSCanto II 8 Color instrument and the BD FACSCanto 10 Color instrument, which provide a more complete flow cytometry data set more efficiently for our patients.

Delivery Excellence Through Intensive Flow Cytometry Training

We take the necessary steps to ensure our patients’ clinical trial success along the drug development continuum. A new intensive flow cytometry training program is in place to support assays new to our facility that include bench training on sample processing; data acquisition and troubleshooting; data interpretation and analysis; and ongoing internal proficiency testing schemes. From custom flow cytometry panel design to review of the validation report, data, technology transfer and more, we encourage sponsor engagement throughout the process.

Shaping Outcomes

We employ a unique quantitative standardization system in conjunction with automated offsets of daily variation in instruments to provide a proficient and cost-effective flow cytometry production environment for your study. Using these resources, plus many more, we are shaping the healthcare market landscape. Our unique, customizable flow cytometry service exemplifies our dedication to transform science and data into actionable medical insights.


Our Mortuary will be located on the lower ground floor of our Central Processing Building. Clinical post-mortems are conducted here by pathologists and pathologists' assistants. All staff operating within the facility are well qualified and experienced, including several staff trained in Disaster Victim Identification.

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