Canada-Africa Business Conference 26th - 27th March 2019
GICC, Gaborone, Bostwana

The opportunities for healthcare, technology, infrastructure, and other sectors in Africa are endless. Emerging markets in Africa have attracted considerable interest from foreign investors and have fueled collaborations and growth. The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business, Global Affairs Canada, and Soapbox Communications are hosting a business conference in Gaborone, Botswana on March 26 and 27. This conference offers the opportunity for organizations and businesses to engage the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to collaborate and partner on innovative projects.

Sub-Saharan Africa Healthcare Initiative has been invited to participate in the Canada Africa Business Conference and will be represented by Erick Tidiane, PhD, PA, MHA (Co-founder and CTO), Jacques NdoutouMve, M.Sc, Dipl-ing (Co-founder and CEO), Rebecca Obeng, MD, PhD, MPH (CMO), and Adeline Coleman, MD (Medical Director and Chief of Women’s Health Services). At this conference, SSAHI will engage with the community to share successful approaches to healthcare for the SADC, address issues and challenges that are hindering the improvement of diagnostic services in healthcare, and begin to formulate innovative strategies to address the specific needs of the SADC to improve pathology, laboratory medicine, and radiology services. SSAHI has been working diligently on building long-term relationships and partnerships in the SADC and is excited to begin the groundwork for implementing our goals for high quality healthcare services in the region.

Dr. Erick Tidiane, PhD, MHA
President, Co-Founder & CTO
Sub-Saharan Africa Healthcare Initiative
+1 800.377.2068

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Accommodation and Venue
On arrival at Gaborone’s Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, shuttles will escort delegates directly to our hotels and conference venue 20 minutes away.

Set on an estate just minutes from the centre of Gaborone, the world-class five-star Grand Palm Convention Centre & Resort features a choice of two hotels on-site for delegates, nature walks, a spa, casino and easy access to the airport and downtown.

Canada-Africa conference delegates enjoy a 30% discount at both on-site hotels from 25 to 27 March. All room reservations include bed and breakfast.

Metcourt (3 star on-site),
Standard Room: P975.00 (CAD123)
Promo Code: CAN250319

Walmont (4 star on-site)
Deluxe Room: P1,800.00 (CAD 230)
Superior Room: P2320 (CAD 290)
Executive Suite: P3240 (CAD 410)
Promo Code: CAN2503

Hilton Hotel (off-site)
Just five minutes away in downtown Gaborone’s Central Business District, the brand new Hilton Hotel is opening just in time for the Canada-Africa Business Conference.
Booking Link:
Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Garborone
Group Name: Canada Africa Bus

Why Gaborone, Botswana?
Gaborone, Botswana is the capital of Botswana, one of the greatest economic success stories and a leading nation in Africa.
Gaborone is a safe, vibrant gateway to Africa, underpinned by a sophisticated financial sector, solid infrastructure, new special economic zones and tariff-free export into much of the African continent.
The Fraser Institute has consistently ranked Botswana as Africa’s top performer in the annual Economic Freedom of the World Report and the soundness of its property rights regime and investor protections.

What is the weather like?
Expect nighttime lows of 18C and highs of 31C throughout the long summer days of the conference. The sunshine is a dry heat, without humidity.

What time zone?
GMT+2, the same as central European countries such as Germany, as well as almost all Sub-Saharan African countries.

How do I pay?
Registration is CAD 500 for both days and can be done online. Just click here.

What will I get?
Delegates will access the first event of its kind covering all Southern African Development Community (SADC) markets and beyond. Leading companies on the continent seeking Canadian capital and service providers will provide Canadian companies with an array of opportunities to expand in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.
Already over half a billion in Canadian capital seeking a home in Africa will be represented at the conference across a variety of sectors.
All delegates receive flight and accommodation discounts, with options for staying on in beautiful Botswana, with the support of our official travel agent (See ‘Stay On’)
Accommodation and flights have been discounted significantly for all delegates, thanks to our partners.

How long does it take to get to Botswana from Canada?
It Is faster than ever! Our official airline partner, Ethiopian Airlines, is an award-winning Star Alliance member, codesharing with Air Canada.
Daily departures at 10am from Toronto Pearson arrive in Gaborone during the early afternoon the following day, accounting for a gain of seven hours in the time-change.
Leisurely departures at 3pm from Gaborone get delegates back home to Toronto by 7.30am the next morning.
Gaborone’s international airport is 20-minutes from downtown, quick, easy and efficient.

What are the logistical arrangements?
Delegates have the option to stay on-site at the convention centre resort. Shuttles will pick up arriving delegates and drop-off at the airport. On-site hotels, nature walks, a spa, casino and variety of restaurants make the Gaborone International Convention Centre a convenient all-in-one location within the resort, and a mere ten minutes from downtown Gaborone.

How do I stay up to date?
Send an email to for regular, weekly updates on who is attending.

Your Flight
Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s top-rated airline and a member of the Star Alliance. As our official partner, Ethiopian offers easy access via Addis Ababa from Toronto, on the world’s fastest route through their brand-new terminal.

Daily departures at 10am from Toronto Pearson arrive in Gaborone and all major African cities by the mid-afternoon of the following day.

Delegates heading home to Toronto on the 3pm flight from Gaborone will awake to a Toronto arrival the following morning at 7.30am.

There is no faster, better way connecting Canada and Africa than Star Alliance’s award-winning Ethiopian Airlines.

Special delegate deal code to be provided to all registered delegates on both coach and business class.

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